Sunday, June 3, 2007

Yunnan Earthquake - Kunming and I Are Fine

You might have heard about this morning's quake in southwest China. It was in my province, but not close enough to be felt in Kunming. The epicenter was near a city that's recently been renamed Pu'er, in honor of the famous tea that comes from there (it's quite good and found all over Kunming). According to Xinhua's current count, there's 3 dead, 290 injured, 120,000 evacuated.

Although Kunming didn't have an earthquake, someone had a small personal disaster outside my building. Several pieces of granite fell off the building's cheaply made facade, landing on a parked car several meters below. It put a huge dent in the roof, and even caused it to crack. This happened in the middle of the afternoon. Last night when I was returning home late, the area where the car had been parked had been cordoned off and two police officers were stationed nearby, apparently to keep people from walking in the danger zone. When I left home this morning, no improvements had been made to the building's facade, but the cops, cones and caution tape were gone. A curious case of attempting to look really concerned, but actually doing nothing of substance about the problem.

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woool,the photo is quite cool and is that Maggie in the picture?