Friday, June 1, 2007

Sports Heaven: Installment 4 (Women qu youyong, hao ma?)

That was the title of Lesson 6 of my Chinese class. It means, "Let's go swimming, okay?" As it turns out, I've gotten to do a lot of youyong here. At Tuodong Sports Center, five minutes from the school, there's an Olympic-sized tank that I go to almost every day (that's it in the photo). It's pretty busy, but with eight lanes, there almost always seems to be enough room. Weekend afternoons are the only problem; the pool is full of kids and adults acting like kids, floating around, playing Marco Polo, and generally making it hard to swim laps.

The really great news is, I'm fast here! Everyone swims breaststroke with the urgency of a Sunday-afternoon-drive , so I look like an Olympian. As long as I avoid doing butterfly, I might be able to convice them that I actually know how to swim. I don't know how Team China will do in the pool in 08, but I am willing to bet their best swimming event will be the breaststroke.


Jerry said...

you are the big in the smallest.

Helen said...

So Maggie, Haven't heard from you in a while, how often do you update. What is going on?